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Change in FACC houses

Dear Players,

Due to the recent growth of our community and the situation on houses market we have decided to restrict FACC houses to active players. That means on 7th November server save (09:00 CET), and each next, FACC owners who have not logged into the game in the past 30 days will lose their houses. It is announced two weeks in advance in order to give everyone a fair chance to be aware. The requirement will not apply to PACC players who own FACC houses (as long as they keep their premium).
This change is based on the fact that currently 220 out of 223 FACC houses (houses up to 20 squares and 1 bed) are already rented. It focuses on freeing a few dozens of flats (estimated) that are now held by inactive characters. Also a bug which in certain scenario allowed FACC players below 20 level to keep their flats will be fixed (a few houses).

The purpose of FACC houses was to allow newcommers, who have not decided to buy premium yet, to rent affordable flats and as a side effect to populate housing estates that could normally stand deserted. But with almost all of these flats being rented now, this is no longer the case.

After the above change is applied, we will keep monitoring the market whether further changes are necessary and they may be announced shortly after. Please note that we do not aim for drastic changes but rather finding a golden mean. Should you have sensible ideas regarding this matter do not hesitate to share it on the proposals forum board.

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