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Technical Update

Dear Players, technical update has been made to the game client. New option is now available in 'extra options' menu accessed via the small '+' button just above fight stances icons.

New position titled "TCP No delay" will be enabled by default. After internal tests we have a big hope it may, together with a few tweaks on the server's side, significantly reduce your latency and improve overall experience.


Those tweaks ensure your client exchanges messages with the server with no additional delays. Let us know if the game feels more smooth now!

Please note that in the same time it may also increase data traffic. This should not be an issue though, unless your Internet connection is paid per data traffic. You may then want to disable the new option. Disabling or enabling requires re-logging in order to be applied. In any other case we suggest to keep it enabled for better experience.

Although the results of our tests were satisfying, be aware there is no magic involved and it may reduce your latency to a certain degree but distance from the host and your routing will still play major role. That being said, we always recommend to optimize your connection, e.g. by using dedicated services for gamers. We also want to remind that other settings are important too. If you experience a small lag after changing walking direction each time, it is most likely because of your keyboard properties. To fix that, adjust your repeat delay to the shortest and repeat rate the fastest.

(an example picture of Windows 10 keyboard properties)

Let your game client update to 1.45 version or download it from the website.

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