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Update Teaser II

Dear Players, we're presenting the second and main teaser of the upcoming update.

Aruthang is an archipelago located in The South Seas. Only the biggest island - of the same name - is currently inhabited. It is the most recently discovered land. The first people to come to the island were the crew of Battuta's Ibn Kazzan expediton after they had strayed from the course during a storm. Their mission was to plot out a direct sea route between Darashia and Thais through the untamed south waters. Although the King had refused patronage over the expedition, Darashians still believed a much quicker and cheaper connection would get King's attention and improve their situation. They felt they were treated neglectfully and sought relief because of the unsolved case of the graveyard ruins of Ankrahmun, where seemingly necromancers of Drefia are rising an undead army.

But even disappearance of Battuta's ship - the first-born son of Caliph - did not affect the King, who himself is desperately focused on breaking the rebellion and planning to move forward in the war against orcish hordes. Rumours have it he also fears The Dark One may come back once again.
Help came from the side of Venore, the city of traders and great sailors. Venorean people are always looking for new ways to grow their independence from the Kingdom. Although it was widely considered wasteful, their policymakers thought that Darashians' loyalty might later pay off in that matter. So they offered their help in organizing search mission to rescue Battuta, as Caliph never stopped believing he was still alive.


The common Venorean-Darashian rescue expedition left the port of Venore under the command of a young and ambitious Captain Lionheart. The course of their journey and how they would find the island is unknown, but the ship eventually arrived in the new land, which would later be named Aruthang. They found five survivors of Battuta's party. Three more were reported to have died on the island, of which one was Battuta himself, to despair of Caliph. All the others were apparently taken by the irreconcilable sea.


The newly discovered archipelago quickly became an object of interest for Venoreans, where again they saw a chance for an expansion of their influence. Several other expeditions arrived in Aruthang and concluded rich mineral deposits of unknown origin. The new colony was oficially settled. As a part of Thaian Kingdom, the Venoreans were obligated to notify the King and so they did in a short note. However they did not mention about them having hired a party of dwarven miners to drill down the tunnels. Whether the King has already been made aware is unsure, as he hasn't yet made any statement regarding Aruthang. It seems that Venore balances in its politics very deftly, taking advantage of all the King's current affairs. Atleast for now. It is also believed only the sailors of Venore are competent and brave enough to dare the element of the southern waters.

Speaking of the tunnels, the geology of Aruthang is unusual as compared to the continent. It consists of layers that visuably differ from each other in terms of hardness and presence of minerals. Only the dwarves were able to establish the mines, but not without issues. Currently four mines operate everyday under custody of Gedor Otad from the Savage Axes. Port town is managed by humans, with Mark Helmsman being the one in charge and responsible for orders from the mother land.


On the island there are many species of plants that are not seen anywhere else. But it is mostly known for grapefruits plantation, which makes a great part of Aruthang's export. Dwarves' subject of study are also unknown species of mushrooms found in the caves.
Despite their clear free market views Venoreans charged the transport. That does not only include riches and minerals. They keep records of the whole flow of goods, which is probably due to the presence of dwarves. Although no one would openly admit, it is quite apparent the two sides don't fully trust each other.


Surprisingly, two of the castaways refused to go back. In recognition of their service, the Caliph relieved them of any duties. They still live in their survivors shelters and by the island society are considered rather harmless lunatics.


Fishing is important but not crucial. Meat is obtained from sheep that also live wild and are often hunted by kobolds - the humanoid race that inhabits the island. It is unclear whether kobolds are native inhabitants or had come to the island earlier. So far, not many contact attempts have been made. Kobolds are hostile to those who get too close to their dwellings, but they don't seem to attend the other parts of the island, therefore are not considered a big threat for now.


Threat comes mostly from beneath. Strange and savage specie has been found deep in the cavern under the well shaft. For that reason, the only well had to be closed and the colony still suffers lack of running water. Venore plans to greatly increase expenses on the military in further expansion of the colony.


Mines are often raided by another strange race of greeny and short creatures. Despite their huge lower teeth, those are rather harmless. Although several weak attacks on sleeping dwarves were noted.


Legend also has it that deep in the underground gigantic worms have their dens, from which at night they drill upwards with a cracking sound, to stick out of sand and grab the victim in the blink of eye. Only to hide deep in the earth for next months.
The story was first told by one of the survivors. According to his words, a giant worm had eaten one of the others the first night. But there is no evidence whatsoever, and considering all survivors suffered from fever and scurvy, it most likely was merely a hallucination.


Rumours or not, only gods know what else may lurk in the deepest layers and which the greed of two races may one day unleash.


Raport AVD-07 by the secret agent in service of Her Majesty.
Two found pages of a diary of unknown crewmate were attached.

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Re: Update Teaser II

Great news, looking forward to explore new lands.

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Re: Update Teaser II

When is the update? Greetings

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Re: Update Teaser II

Looks nice, cant wait to check it out ^^ Greetings

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