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Update Teaser I

Dear Players,

We'd like to share with you first teaser of the upcoming update. Date of release is not scheduled yet, but from now, until then, we will be posting update teasers regularly. Treat this one as an introduction.
As a sidenote, we'd like to mention the new website is almost finished and we will probably be moving to it next week. If you'd still want to request anything for the new website, don't hesitate to do that. smile Use our forum or discord server.

Day 187
It's been half a year on that smelly boat. My fever has subsided, but I'm not feeling any better. I think I'm driving crazy. Around noon I went on a deck and I mistook the clouds for a shore. Nobody laughed. I think we're all driving crazy. Even the Venoreans. Only the captain seems to stay in shape. Actually, I must had been already crazy for entering this crazy service. Was that the money or desire to get out of that falling-down town? The caliph must be crazy to believe his first-born son is still alive. And Battuta Ibn Kazzan was crazy as well. Designate a route to Thais through the Southern Seas? That's a crazy idea to even think of. He is probably long eaten by sharks or makes a signpost for sea turtles. And for us... on our way to death from dehydration... at best. Aren't we all crazy? Is it that burning sun or the omnipresent sand that makes all Darashians mad men? No wonder the king does not give a penny for that crazy sandy rubble... Curse that!

Day 188
In the early morning we were awekened by a scream. A mad scream. Not that kind of scream as when you call on someone. A scream as if you were being skinned alive. I wasn't frightened though. It sounded somewhat familiar, besides I think I'm already crazy enough not to care. But there was a commotion on the ship, so I looked up and then I heard clearly one word: "LAND!". A word I haven't heard for so long one could have thought it was a forbidden word. It was the sailor on a crow's nest. My first thought was that the poor guy drove crazy and has mistaken clouds for... suddenly, the land appeared before our eyes.


A land green as I've never seen in my life. Not that I have seen much other than the burnt land of Darashia, but... Is that real? Or have I just died and now my soul's slowly moving towards that green paradise? Well, could've been worse... 'Prepare the lifeboats, we're going ashore!' - yelled the captain just behind my ear.

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