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First month of Tibiantis!

Dear Players, as first month has passed, it is a good time to make a small summary and give You some insight on where the project is heading.

We would like to thank You for supporting Tibiantis. Everyone who logs in to kill monsters, trade items, complete quests, chat with friends or fight in wars and form alliances - makes his contribution to the wonderful Tibiantis world. In accordance with the role-playing idea. It is all of You who make this world interesting, and we're hoping You will stay with us for next months. We're here only to ensure everything goes fair and square, and that Your time in Tibiantis is not wasted, but You create and run the world.

(pixelart by player Thor Skyrage)

During the past five weeks 2964 accounts were registered. 901 accounts were (and still are) premium, while 241 have been sentenced to eternal exile. smile We'd like to remind here that our strict policy is a foundation of Tibiantis. We take our rules deadly serious and this will not change.
Over 5000 characters  stepped on Tibiantis land, of which 2475 have reached Mainland. That gives an average of 67 characters going to Mainland daily. Where the most populated city is - surprisingly - Carlin, followed by the capital Thais. Only about 15% of characters are female, which probably means playing a female role became less popular "tactic" than it used to be back in the days... smile
Most of our players come from Poland, then Sweden, United Kingdom, Spain and Netherlands. But we'd like to note Tibiantis is played by people from all over the world and everyone is welcome. We're happy to say Tibiantis has managed to establish stable, supportive and international community. Our official discord server is about to reach 1000 members now!

In the first month Tibiantis citizens fought many monsters, but most of all... the plague of rotworms, having killed over a milion of them! That makes a rotworm the most hunted monster by far. The deadliest monsters are dragon (fire wave combos are not a joke), dwarf guard, and... rat.
It took over a month for the first power gamers to reach level 70, which is quite accurate for the leveling progress in the gold era. That brings back part of the seriousness it used to have then. Tibiantis has always been calculated for a slow and long-term gameplay, as close to the old times as possible, and with all satisfaction we can tell we've managed to achieve that! Not without Your help, of course.

But enough said. On this occasion we'd like to open a few contests, but not before announcing Tibiantis referral system. From now on You can recommend the game to Your friends, using Your individual link, which can be found in "My Account" section. For every referred player You may receive referral points that can be changed for premium days! You can read more about that here.

We're organizing three contests, one on the official site, and two directed to and in association with our fansites: and We always suggest visiting our fansites.
The contest on is titled "Tibiantis in RL". Send us a funny or interesting photo that refers to Tibiantis and win a rune-keychain! As well as premium for You and Your friends. big_smile


All about the contest you can read here: here.

But more news are coming! We've decided to appoint a group of tutors willing to guide new players as well as help us meet the needs of the community. If You're an experienced player who likes helping people, speaks fluent English and would like to support us, please contact us via [email protected]!
We're hoping to improve contact with the community as we're working hard on maintaining the server and fixing all the issues You report to us, and do not always have time to answer all questions concerning gameplay. Thank You for all Your patience and understanding!

As a side note, we're also inviting to subscribe our facebook fanpage and youtube channel, as we're going to evolve them in the upcoming days in order to promote the game wider among oldschool lovers!

By the way, don't lose your hope on the Kha'labal desert access. smile From what we've seen, some people are really really close to fully understand and gain the access, which is going to be a beginning of next adventures!

Stay tuned for more news in the near future and see You in Tibiantis!

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Re: First month of Tibiantis!

Really good job on the art !

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Mad Max
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Re: First month of Tibiantis!

Best OT ever!

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